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Keep Your Bra & Wear it 2!

About Us

“There is no limit to how fascinating you can be!” – Karen Rose

K. Rose

Hello and Happy day to you all!

Thank you for visiting our website.  This site is primarily about breast cancer awareness and understanding.  We do this with humor, beauty and sisterhood while uplifting your spirits as our own.

A bit about us:

My name is Karen Rose, mother of Christine Broadnax and the initial creator of the Fascinating Fascinators for Survivors. My 33-year-old daughter Christine, who is the mother of three children, found out she had breast cancer last year.  She went through five months of chemotherapy and a bilateral mastectomy. Furthermore, she was hospitalized four times, and each time her condition went septic.

Christine on Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer.  Uplifting and humorous during  difficult times.
This is Christine’s humorous way to deal with eight hours of chemotherapy every three weeks for five months (until her bilateral mastectomy).  To prevent nerve damage from the chemotherapy, her extremities where placed on ice.

Our family has been hit with additional sadness and extreme loss of loved ones both young and old.  As a result, we felt emotionally drained and hopeless, which could be understood given our circumstances.

So, grabbing onto the attitude of “get up and do something”, with great faith I chose to put a positive and fascinating spin on Christine’s current and ongoing battle with breast cancer.

My work experience includes over 21 years in the hospitality and floral design businesses, and I am currently employed at a high-end floral shop in Arvada, Colorado.  With my off the wall passion of art and floral design, I created a gorgeous fascinator out of a bra and high-end silk flowers.

Christine B.

Several of us women wore these fascinators to a high tea.  To our amazement, we were the talk of the restaurant.  When people realized these fascinators were made from bras, they would break out in laughter, and give praise for Christine’s courage and lightheartedness.  

Consequently we decided if we could bring light and humor to a room full of people , we need to try to bring light, humor and positivity to women everywhere.

Our wish is for all women in any phase of life, to live with joy and confidence in their own feminine beauty which can never be taken away.

Thank you again for visiting and taking the time to view our creations.  We hope to uplift your spirits in a fun, laughing out loud, kind of way through your day!

Much Love,

Karen and Christine