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Keep Your Bra & Wear it 2!


For a truly unique look that will have you turning heads no matter what event you’re attending, you’ll love our selection of Uplifting Fascinators. Uplifting Floral Garden Fascinators are the perfect addition for derbies, formal galas, high teas, bachelorette parties, costume/themed parties, weddings, and just about anything else you have on your calendar. Specifically, our Uplifting Fascinators are excellent for Breast Cancer awareness events such as walks, support groups and other festivals in sisterhood.

Fascinator 002 Baby Blue
Fascinator 003 Yellow Flowers with Pine
Fascinator 004 Royalty
Fascinator 005 Purple Craze
Fascinator 006 Wedding White
Fascinator 007 Baby Blue Columbine
Fascinator 010 Red Birthday
Fascinator 009 Tiny Purple Flowers Majesty
Fascinator 008 Red with Black Polka-Dots
Fascinator 012 Pink with Purple Flowers
Fascinator 013 Nature's White Wedding
Fascinator 014 Festive Floral Red
Fascinator 015 Autumn in the Air Orange
Fascinator 016 Baby Blue Columbine
Fascinator 017 Red with Black Polka-Dots, Blue Flowers and Berries
Fascinator 018 Hot Pink Peach Rose
Fascinator 019 Turquoise Burnt Orange Rose
Fascinator 020 Baby Blue Wedding
Fascinator 021 Creation I
Fascinator 022 Orange Sunshine
Fascinator 023 Pure Bliss
Fascinator 024 Pink with Black and White Hearts
Fascinator 025
Fascinator 026 Autumn Enchantment
Fascinator 027 Gardeners Deeeeelight!
Fascinator 028 Go Broncos!
Fascinator 029 Upon a Nirvana
Fascinator 030 Chantilly
Fascinator 031 Autumn Bliss
Fascinator 032 Pink Rose
Fascinator 33 Game On!
Fascinator 034 Tigress
Fascinator 035 Gorgeous
Fascinator 036 Decked Out and Ready To Go!
Fascinator 037 Berry Sunny
Fascinator 038 America!
Fascinator 039 Berry Luscious
Fascinator 40 Brilliant!

Our Fascinators have the purpose of lifting your spirits and everyone around you in a beautiful lighthearted way. In addition, they are great for any look you want to create, from sophisticated and opulent elegance to trendy and modern, and everything in between. Perfect for a night on the town, an upscale picnic event, or any other celebration, we know you’ll love our selection of fascinators. They’re an unexpected, gorgeous accessory to formal wear and other special occasion attire.

Uplifting Fascinator Pricing:
1-6 fascinators (regular resale price)$27.00
6-12 fascinators$24.00
13 and more (Corporate/Fundraising Events)$21.00

If you’ve never worn a fascinator, you’ll love the way they make you look and feel—they’re an amazing and chic adornment that will catch the eye of everyone in the room.

All Fascinators are for sale, inventory will continue to grow as any garden grows through each season. All are handmade and unique, so if you don’t see a Fascinator you like, let’s talk and create your desired look. In other words, what you see is what you get , or we will create for you.